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Monkey French Toast

OK, so we'll start with the up-front honesty and just admit that I mostly stole this from Rachel Ray.

This is a stuffed french toast--that means you make some goomp to put in the middle, then squish it between two pieces of bread, then dip the 'sandwich' in the eggy stuff and fry it up...

MONKEY GOOMP (the stuffing part)
2 bananas
1/3-1/2 c peanut butter
a large drizzle of honey (maybe 1/4 c?)

Mix it together--a food processor works well, or an electric mixer...don't put it in the blender like I did the first time. You will regret it. Trust me. And mashing by hand won't get it very smooth.

If you're feeling health conscious, put it on wheat bread. If you're me, remind yourself that it's french toast, and supposed to be light, and put it on sprouted wheat or even *gasp* white. :-)

I should mention that I do not like bananas, nor most things with peanut butter in them...but I like this.

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