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Resurrection Rolls

We make these every Easter, and they're always a big hit.
roll dough (crescent rolls from a can work, or I make homemade...)
large marshmallows
melted butter
cinnamon sugar
1--take the marshmallow (body of Jesus) and dip it in butter (sweet oils)
2--cover it in cinnamon sugar (spices)
3--roll it up in the dough (burial cloths) Make sure you roll it securely, so that there are no little openings.
4--Put in the oven (tomb) bake according to roll directions (usually around 10-15 min).
5--When you take the rolls out of the oven, open the cloths, and you will find that 'Jesus' is gone!
(a word to the wise...be sure those rolls are WELL covering those marshmallows, or else the marshmallows will melt out all over the place, and while you'll still have empty rolls, the magic of it is sortof lost...)

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deanna said...

So...you left me a comment about red dye 40...that's in maraschino cherries (my high school girl friend always told me she thought those were a government conspiracy). Scary stuff. My sister in law has an AMAZING recipe for some apple dessert that looks like your rolls. go here to try it:

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