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Glazed Salmon & Cranberry Risotto

GLAZED SALMON(on the left)
My dad's cousin showed me this. She does it on her grill, but since I don't have a grill I just do it in the oven and it works well enough.

salmon (I prefer fillets, but a steak would work too)
brown sugar

Use about equal parts sugar and butter, and melt them together to make a glaze. Peiodically as the salmon cooks, paint it all over with the glaze. It works best with several thin coats rather than just one thick one. Let it cook until caramalized!

(on the right)
I invented this myself. I am calling it a risotto rather than fried rice because it is still soft--it's not fried in butter to get any crunchy parts, it's merely prepared in a little oil in a frying pan...I don't know if that's a true risotto, but it looks close enough to me!

about 3 c cooked rice
1 onion, chopped (I used a leftover half a red onion, as well as half a white--it added lovely color, but of course any onion would be fine)
1/2-3/4 c craisins
juice of one orange (around 1/3 c)

Saute the onions and rice in a little oil until the onions begin to look glassy. Stir in herbs to taste (I used a costco seafood rub blend because I was serving it with fish, but any mild herbs will work). Squeeze in juice from the orange, using a fork to get some pulp in too. Throw in craisins, and stir well. Fry everything together for a few minutes to blend all the flavors.

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