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Simple Lentils

This is a favorite of mine. It's very simple, pretty fast, and really really good for you. It can seem a little bland (Hubby admitted to being scared of it the first time he saw it!) but in fact it's quite filling, and reheats very well.

Rice (I use a white/brown blend, 1c boiling water to 1/3c rice, cover and simmer 20min)
Lentils (about 4cwater to 1c lentils, cover with a vent and simmer 15-25min)
Grated Cheddar Cheese
BBQ sauce or ketchup

optional additions: garlic powder, salt, onion (cooked in with rice or lentils, or sprinkled on later), tomato, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Just layer it up, and dig in! We like LOTS of cheese.

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