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Fast, Cheap, and Easy ("bangers & mash" goes American)

In Britain (so I hear) they will take mashed potatoes and then slice up some bangers (a sausage that my husband tells me actually isn't very good) and they mix it together and call it "Bangers and Mash." Here is my variation--the kind of meal that takes 5 minutes to make yet is a step up from PB&J, and even has a hint of healthy.

Mashed potatoes (I confess to using instant)
1 can of corn (drained)
some hotdogs, bratwursts, or kielbasa.

Make the mashed potatoes, mix in the corn.
Chop up the meat and either mix it in or serve it on the side. (I prefer to serve it on the side because it's easier to adjust proportions, but I do mix them up as I eat...)

1 comment:

kimberlee said...

This is one of my current favorite blogs. Brighton woman might be my current favorite. I'm on a journey and am learning so much from your blogs. So thank-you.

I wanted to share about the instant mashed Potatoes. The Church Potato Pearls are sooo very good if you can get them. Probably my favorite instant mashed potatoes out there.

We are making this tonight for dinner. I guess the kids are having a Dr. Who night and it fits right in (you know, Britain Food. LOL.) I'm using either russet or red potatoes because that is what I have. I bet it will be good.

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