I post recipes here the way that I make them, so of course you should feel free to adapt these to what your family likes!
To make this blog user-friendly, I put tags for each major ingredient of each recipe, as well as for type of dish, and ethnicity, so you can go to the list on the side here (scroll down) and search for specific things.
If you like a recipe, please comment! If you have a yummy adaptation, please leave that in the comments as well!

New Sections

I just want to take a moment to point out some new sections on the "cookbook tabs" section in the sidebar.
I already had categories for food types, meal types, allergen-free/friendly recipes, kid-friendly recipes (stuff my kids love anyway!), quick & easy recipes, things that reheat well, and International flavors.
I have now added a section for "Food Storage Foods" which is recipes made almost exclusively from items that would (should!) typically be found in food storage. They use canned, frozen, or dry goods rather than fresh (or canned/dry/frozen could easily be substituted). I certainly believe that fresh is the ideal from a nutritional standpoint, but we all know that unless you live in a temperate climate you can't get fresh year-round. Having a food storage, whether it's 3 months worth or a full years worth, is a good idea. A lot of people get some wheat and beans but then have no idea what to do with it all...hopefully some of these recipes will be helpful.
I also added a section for budget-friendly foods.
Finally, I've added a tag called "pack-it" which is foods that are good for packing, whether it's for picnics, vacations, school lunches, or eating at work. Most of the 'reheats well' recipes are already great to take along to work or school if you have access to a microwave or oven, but the 'pack-it' foods are things that do not need to be reheated, and for the most part are packed with nutrients for kids like mine who rush through lunch so they can get out to the playground. ☺ (You know you're doing something right when your 9 year old son comes home from school one day and says "I don't like hot lunch anymore, I'd rather take leftovers.")

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